Compassionnate design

During his Conference, Eric Meyer, an american web design consultant and author, uses his own life experience to illustrate the web as it is today. Indeed, with the memory tool, Facebook, the well-known social media, was able to remind him his daughter six months after her death. From that moment, Eric Meyer has started thinking about how websites were made and wondered who were they designed for.

After a reflection moment he noticed that the main problem of nowadays websites is they’re designed for users and not for human beings. We think we do but actually we don’t : we think about the majority and try to make things easy for them but what about the others, how should we deal with it ?

Eric Meyer finds the solution inside “Thinking fast and slow” by Daniel Kahneman (an Israeli-American psychologist and economist) who thinks that the world is based on two systems: a fast on and a slow one. The first one doesn't need reflection, it’s automatic, quick ; but the second one is slow, effortful, logical. For the speaker, the web is actually part of system 1 but he wants it to slowly slide to system 2 to hurt less people with memories or other thing, to simplify the navigation. He wants to lead us to a better navigation system and the only way is to anticipate anything that could go wrong designing websites better.